Create your own mobile decision support tool to help even a complete novice make informed decisions in the field



Ever wondered what type of butterfly you were looking at or which cocktail to drink? WildKey is a mobile decision tree (or branching database) tool that provides mobile decision support. Using simple prompts and illustrations, this application enables users to make informed decisions and record observations at the point of need, instantly turning a novice into an expert. Use the creation tool on the WildKnowledge portal to create your own keys or use those that are available as open projects.


Download your keys to your phone* and use anywhere: WildKey can be used with a live internet connection or offline, with any saved information being uploaded when you have a connection again.

WildKey lets you answer questions at the point of inspiration and can be a great teaching aid as well as a bit of fun.


You can also upload, store and visualise your data via reports, charts and maps, which can be kept private or shared with the community as open projects. If your ideas are really good we may partner with you and turn your WildProject into a stand alone app.

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