Open projects are about working with other WildKnowledge users to gather information as a group. To create an open project that other users can access, you'll need to subscribe to the WildKnowledge app that you'll be building it with.

I want to make an open WildProject

Making a project for other people to participate in takes 7 simple steps...

  1. Register and create a WildKnowledge account; this will give you free limited access* to WildKnowledge's creation tools, but does not allow you to share projects you create
  2. Choose which toolkit you need based on whether you want to:
  3. Subscribe to that application to get unlimited access to its creation tools
  4. Download the toolkit's mobile app from the Android Market
  5. Login to the portal and navigate to that toolkit's area to begin creating your project
  6. When complete, publish and share your project. It will appear in our open project list, and you and others will be able to download the project to the toolkit's app
  7. If you gather data whilst using your project, you can upload it to the portal to visualise it with the data of other users who participate in your project