Open projects are about working with other WildKnowledge users to gather information as a group. Joining an open project is really easy, and you won't need to buy a subscription to any of our apps to get the full benefits of working on an open project- your basic WildKnowledge account lets you do everything with an open project once it's under way!

I want to join an open WildProject

Joining an open project takes 5 simple steps...

  1. Register and create a WildKnowledge account; this will allow you to join open projects
  2. Browse through the list of WildProjects and choose the project you want to participate in
  3. Note which WildKnowledge toolkit the project uses and download its mobile app from the Android Market
  4. Login to the app using your WildKnowledge account and download the project
  5. If you gather data whilst using the project, you can upload it to the portal to visualise it wih the data of other users who participate in the project